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Belarusian Cultural Center of Spiritual Renewal was created in 2011 to provide complex approach to studying, revival and perpetuating the memory of many generations of the Belarusians who gave blood for the country. It was also created to run and support The Memorial Church of All Saints and Innocent Victims Who Fell to Rescue Our Motherland.
The Memorial Church is a national-scale house of worship, the main spiritual memorial to Belarusians and citizens of Belarusian descent who died and were scattered worldwide by revolutions, wars, violent uprootings, and persecution.
The Memorial Church of All Saints is included in sightseeing tours. The square in front of the central entrance serves as a place for regional, city and national-scale events. It was and it is often visited by important guests and foreign delegations.

Our Center also provides excursions to the Trostenets Memorial Complex, which is in Minsk in the territory of the former Nazi death camp during WW2. This camp is the fourth one considering the number of victims after Auschwitz, Treblinka and Majdanek.

If you have any questions about excursions, feel free to contact us via email: hp.direction@gmail.com